Pre-joining Bull Assessment

Young bulls are unproven, and older bulls may develop issues overtime. Therefore, we recommend that a breeding soundness examination should be carried out on all bulls prior to joining on an annual basis, in order to achieve maximum bull performance during the mating period and reduce the risk of catastrophes come pregnancy testing or calving time.

Assessment includes body condition scoring, structural soundness, reproductive examination and collection of a semen sample. Semen is assessed crush side to see how many sperm are alive and moving forward. A small sample from each bull is fixed in formalin and is sent to an external laboratory to be assessed for morphology using a special, high power DIC microscope and special stains. This shows whether the sperm are normal in size and shape, which cannot be done accurately crush side. Some bulls produce adequate live sperm, but inadequate normal sperm. This means their sperm are able to swim to the cow’s egg, but either cannot fertilise it or the egg is fertilised but the embryo dies before the pregnancy goes full term. If you would like to book your bulls in for a pre-joining assessment, please get in contact with us. Ideally, this should be conducted 8 weeks prior to joining, however many clients choose to do this earlier in the year prior to the major bull sales.

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