Callicrate Bander

This bloodless castration tool is suitable for use on bulls too large to castrate with standard elastrator rings. It is safer and quicker than surgical castration. It is easy to use and is as fast to apply as conventional bands. The correct tension can be applied to suit the individual animal, which is more effective than circular “one size fits all” bands which often break or are not tight enough for effective castration on larger bulls. The Callicrate Bander is available for hire and instructions for its correct use, including videos, are provided. Castration bands to suit the device are sold separately.

Pelvic Lift

The Pelvic Lift is a more humane and effective lifting device than traditional hip clamps. The device is uniquely designed with an additional "arm" and auto counter levers that more evenly supports the pelvis when the cow is lifted. This takes 50% of the weight off the hook bones and transfers it to the pelvic seat, therefore reducing damage to the cow.  The Pelvic Lift, used in conjunction with a chest strap, is suitable for lifting and moving down cows. A tractor or front end loader is required to lift the cow once the Pelvic Lift has been positioned. The Pelvic Lift is simple and easy to use, and when used effectively, can help improve the success rate when treating down cows. Our Pelvic Lift is available for hire and instructions, including videos, are provided to help with the correct use of the device as well as how to manage your down cow effectively.

Gas Debudder

Debudding of calves, lambs and kids at an early age is more humane and associated with less complications than dehorning at a later stage. Our heavy duty gas debudder is available for hire, and is suitable for use with standard 4kg and 9kg LPG bottles (a regulator is not required as gas is controlled by the handle knob). The debudder is available for hire and instructions as well as advice on effective pain relief are provided to help with the correct use of the device. Staff training sessions are also available to teach the correct debudding technique, as well as correct use of pain relief.

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