Individual & Herd Health

We offer a full range of individual animal treatments, including clinical examination, medical management, surgical intervention and emergency obstetrical procedures. Our vehicle is fully stocked with all the necessary equipment and supplies to treat cattle on-farm.

Whilst it is currently economically feasible to treat individual cows given their current market value, there is often a greater return on investment when investigating problems which may be limiting production on a mob basis or even across the entire herd. Often the biggest production losses occur in the animals that are “subclinical” (i.e. not yet visually affected) rather than the ones that are obviously sick. If you are seeing new issues emerging in your herd, or are experiencing a unusual decrease in production, we are happy to discuss and help resolve the problem. In many cases, a government subsidy may be available to help fund a disease investigation.

Herd Management Plans

We are able to help you design and implement a yearly management plan which covers important health events such as vaccinations, drenching, mineral supplementation, and nutrition. These are designed around other important management events such as joining periods, calving, marking, weaning, pregnancy testing and bull testing. We bear in mind that these plans must be compatible with other events on your calendar – both social and other farming activities such as seeding and harvest.

We do not sell “over the counter” products such as vaccinations and drenches. This is a conscious decision that we have made, which we believe allows us to provide unbiased information that best suits your business. Recommended products, however, are available from local agricultural retailers who we can direct you to.

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