Replacement Heifer Management

Self-replacing heifers are a significant cost to any cow calf unit as they do not contribute to the herd’s productivity until they wean their first calf, yet they are costing you money in feed, labour, health costs and are eating feed that would otherwise be eaten by a mature breeder or trade stock. Yet heifers are the most important animals for bringing new genetics into your herd and keeping the herd structure young. Heifers are often difficult to manage, particularly with varying seasons. Under conditioned heifers are difficult to get in calf, have a higher rate of calving difficulty, often calve later in the season and become empty cows the following year. Over conditioned heifers can also be difficult to get in calf and have significantly more calving difficulties due to overgrown calves. We offer a full range of heifer management services including monitoring of average daily weight gain from weaning to calving, nutritional management, drenching and vaccination protocols, and reproductive management. Well managed heifers get in calf easier, calve earlier, calve with less difficulty and go on to be more productive over their lifetime. If you would like to discuss the management of your heifers with us, feel free to give us a call.

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